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Roof Sign 1

Roof Sign 1

Retail Price: 
Price: $259.00
Product Dimensions
265 mm
210 mm
780 mm
Product Weight:
5 kg

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  • Magnetic Roof Sign with Stylish touch
  • Highly UV stabilised materials which keeps your graphics as it is for many years
  • Super strong base magnets with protected rubbers, which keeps your roof of a car scratch free
  • Best for all businesses to brand their products
  • Vibration proof design and securely bolted for better protection in high speed
  • Ideal for all kind of cars
  • One of the most selling roof signs in Australia
Weight: 5 kg
Dimensions: 780 mm × 265 mm × 210 mm

LED Magnetic Roof Sign for Driving School & Pizza Industry

Rubber Protector Ring
, ,
Normal price $30 On Sale with any purchase of roofsign $20

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